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Our team looks a little like a sports roster. We have a head coach (boss man), team manager (project manager), captain (lead designer) and players (designers). Our head coach and captain came together with a specific goal in mind, and that was to win a championship… well, kind of! 


They wanted to create a championship-level design service that would enhance the profile of sports, from grassroots and beyond. 

The outcome; 1991 Designs


Troy, our coach, also runs a premium awards company called Jewel Empire. Jewel Empire supplies world-class championship rings to all facets of sport across Australia.


Jevillax (we call him JX, he's our captain!) is the lead designer at Jewel Empire. He is the incredibly talented artist that takes a club's championship-winning season and create an incredible, storytelling masterpiece in the form of a ring.


Keeping JX restricted to rings though is like telling Steph Curry to only make lay-ups. You would never do it (he's the best basketball shooter of all time). He needed to be set free, making his creative talents accessible to the world! So together, they came up with an idea to fill a gap in the Australian sporting market.

1991 Designs' mission is to make professionally designed graphics affordable for sports clubs of all sizes and levels.

Together, we can increase the overall branding efforts and experience for all of your current and future members. Get in contact today to see what we can do for you! 





"We use 1991 designs for all our media and we couldn't be happier. They always listen to our needs and come up with the perfect design. Couldn't be happier"


Jewel Empire Communications

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