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  • Who are you guys?
    We're an enthusiastic team, born out of our love of both design and sports. Our origins story is kinda cool; you can check it out on the 'OUR TEAM' page!
  • What kind of designs can 1991 Designs create?
    Without tooting our own horn, our design team is pretty darn good! Below we've listed some of our specialties: - A-frames - Billboards - Business Cards - Booklet Designs - Email Signatures - Flyers - Infographics - Instagram Stories - Logos - Menus - Posters - Pull-up Banners - Social Media Ads - Social Media Posts - Stationary
  • What does unlimited actually mean?
    Unlimited is just that! All designs come with an unlimited number of revisions, and depending on which plan you're on, you can have an unlimited number of designs done too! Now just because we offer unlimited designs, doesn't mean you have to use them! Usually, our designers are pretty spot on, and if they don't hit it with the first concept, they can generally clean it up with just a couple of revisions.
  • What if I don't like the first concept, can I be rude and ask for another? "
    Yes, of course! (ask for another concept that is... we should never be rude to anyone! hehe). Sometimes our designers interpretation of your words doesn't quite match the images in your head. We would never be offended at that! That's why it's super important to give us as much information as possible before we start any of your designs. Our questionnaires are as detailed as possible, so try to fill out as much as you can, and more, to make sure we've got everything we should need from you.
  • How long will I have to wait to get my first concept?
    This is a tough one! It totally depends on the complexity of the request, our workload, and of course, the plan you choose! You should receive your first concept within 3 or so business days. At most we would ever take is 5 days, and if that's the case, we will keep you in the loop the whole time. We feel like it's an excellent time to remind everyone that we are offering a service, not a product. Design is one of those crazy things that draws directly from one's life force. Sometimes the juices are flowing like crazy (usually 2am when we're trying to sleep), and others it's as dry as a bull's bum going up a hill backwards. So all we're saying is, work with us, and together we'll make sure you're graphics looks absolute shmick. Guaranteed!
  • What if I need something done urgently!?
    We've all been there. We know the boss over at Jewel Empire lives at '24 Yesterday Street'. We will always do our best to get you what you need and prioritise urgent orders as fast as possible. We just ask that you remember, our pipeline is never empty. Sometimes we might be able to drop everything and help, and other times we'd love to but just can't.
  • Our club has a strict brand/style guide, you cool with that? "
    We certainly are! What that tells us is you're serious about your brand, and that's cool with us! If you do have a set guide to your branding, make sure you share it with us so we can study it and apply all restrictions and allowances to your designs.
  • How do I submit and manage my design requests?
    Here you've got some options! To make it as smooth as possible for both our clients and designers, we've put a lot of work into how you submit your design requests. First, you can do it directly inside your design project board. Using Asana, our project management software, we set up all of our clients with their very own design board. This is how we both manage our internal projects, and update all of our clients, in live time. The second option is via our questionnaires which can be found on our website, under your 'My Account' page. This option requires specific questions to answer, which will then be submitted to your project manager. They will then input your design request onto your project board, ready for our designers to get to work. The third option is our least favourite, which is merely submitting a design request via email. Our project managers can be reached at (It's not that we're against emails by any means! We just prefer you fill out a pre-designed template to help communicate all the design elements as clearly as possible)
  • Once a design is finished, who owns it?"
    That is a great question! You own everything that is designed by us.
  • Do I need to commit to a contract?
    Nope! In our industry, we don't believe in contracts. You can cancel and re-activate your account as you please! We hold onto all of your source files for a minimum of 12 months before removing them from our drives. We do this in case you need our services again.
  • Do you make websites?
    Although we can design the look and feel of your website, we currently do not do any kind of development in regards to building the actual websites. We are happy to work with your web developer by providing them with all the imagery and guidence in keeping with your branding.
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